About Peter van den Borne

PetervandenborneWhen St Nicholas gave the young Peter van den Borne a paint box he couldn’t have suspected what he had brought into being. Peter set to work straight away, and a number of different copies of Rembrandt’s works were the result. A painter was born! 

Peter’s story in a nutshell
Peter van den Borne has painted and drawn since he was ten. His first sortie into the craft of a painter was with his own interpretation of the Night Watch. There are now many realistic works from his brush, including still lifes and model paintings.

Contemporary Realism is the movement in which Peter particularly wants to secure a place. 

In 1983, Peter decided to register at ‘DACA’, the academy of painting in the province of Drenthe. Here he was taught by Vrielink, Jacobi and Dillen. In 1985, Dillen went it alone and Peter followed him, because Dillen’s method of teaching particularly appealed to him. At the end of 1986, they went their separate ways, and Peter began to specialise in the alchemistic side of the painter’s craft. Former paint manufacturer Johan Stahlecker guided him here teaching him the ins and outs of the craft of preparing base coats, mediums, paint and impasto. Equipped with this knowledge and with an eye on all the movements and formations within the contemporary art world, Peter set out on his path as an artist.

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Process of awakening and growth
Alongside painting, Peter has a great interest in the process of awakening, which is given creative shape in his life and work. He therefore decided to follow a vocational training programme from September 2000 to July 2003 to become a coach in processes relating to awakening, saying farewell, pain and self-esteem.

Luuk ontwaakt
Luuk ontwaakt

If you would like to learn about the ins and outs of the craft, you can attend acourse or workshop in fine realistic painting under the guidance of Peter. The training is suited to anyone who is passionate about painting and wants to learn the craft ‘whatever it takes’.
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